What are you looking for in a role?
• I’m looking for a Product/Program Manager role in a media organization with strategic growth plans for their revenue strategies & strong internal support amongst cross-functional teams.

I’m most impactful when:
• faced with complex challenges: I excel in situations that require critical thinking & strategic planning.
• there are opportunities to learn and grow. I’m driven by personal & professional development. I seek out opportunities to acquire new knowledge, develop new skills, or take on challenging projects that push me outside my comfort zone.
• a team is able to communicate effectively. I possess strong verbal & written communication skills, allowing me to convey information clearly, advise others, and foster collaboration. By effectively articulating ideas, instructions, or proposals, I can drive understanding & alignment within teams & across stakeholders.

The kind of organization that would get the best from me is:
• one that allows the opportunity to challenge the status quo, introduce new ideas, & implement change. I am a forward-thinker who thrives on identifying opportunities for improvement & driving innovation. I can make an impact through fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
• a purpose-driven organization & a motivated, results-driven team.
• one that values innovation & encourages creative thinking.
• one with a dynamic & fast-paced environment. My adaptability & organization allows me to excel under pressure, with time-sensitive projects & quick decision-making opportunities.
• one where I can build & nurture relationships with colleagues, clients, & stakeholders.
• one where leadership is open to investing in the people’s future as much as the business.

What are some of your key accomplishments?
• Managed the campaign execution of $1.7M of the yearly digital revenue, from pre-sales through post-campaign. My attention to detail & consistent communication has aided in repeat Fortune 500 companies year over year.
• Successfully manage a minimum of 15 cross-functional projects concurrently per month, coordinating efforts across departments & ensuring a timely project launch & delivery.
• Consistently meet project deadlines by effectively managing my time, prioritizing tasks, & ensuring attention to detail in all deliverables.
• Received recognition for consistently delivering high-quality work, exceeding client expectations, & maintaining a strong commitment to excellence.

Where are you located or where would you like to work?
• Remote / Washington D.C. / South Carolina

Anything else you’d like a potential employer to know?
• I am dedicated to continuous learning & am committed to the quality of my work. I strive to always maintain a positive & solution-oriented mindset, especially during a challenging project. I embrace feedback from others & actively seek out opportunities for self-improvement.

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