What are you looking for in a role headline?
• The distinctive blend of my diverse skills and extensive experience aligns seamlessly with the responsibilities of a Chief of Staff position (or equivalent, depending on your organizational terminology).
• I am well-equipped to contribute to a company seeking operational efficiency and a leadership team eager to achieve significant gains in productivity and impact.

I’m most impactful when:
• You need someone with the capability to foresee challenges and formulate effective solutions, particularly when faced with unexpected hurdles.
• You need someone who is adept at cultivating cross-functional collaboration through influence, even in the absence of formal authority.
• You need someone who can facilitate clear and impactful communication both up- and downstream within the organization, tailoring the message for optimal understanding by the intended audience.

The kind of organization that would get the best from me is:
• A dynamic small to medium size organization with a growing team poised for future growth, where I can provide guidance to establish a strong foundation to expand the scope of the business as efficiently as possible.
• The leadership team is concerned about lagging productivity, poor information flow leading to delayed decision-making, and/or too much time spent on back-and-forth communications and follow-up. I am equipped to address and solve these challenges.
• An organization keen on fostering its people culture, with an aim to bolster cross-team trust and collaboration, with the ultimate goal of elevating employee satisfaction and maximizing team effectiveness. I bring a strategic approach to cultivate a positive and cohesive work environment.

What are some of your key accomplishments?
• As Chief of Staff, my strategic contributions help elevate the company’s financial performance, leading to an impressive ~80% gross margin revenue. This achievement was made possible by identifying sub-optimal business processes and implementing collaborative improvements across the entire organization. I successfully maximized the efficiency of a small team with limited resources.
• Due to my adaptability and resourcefulness, I was able to single-handedly manage the company’s MRC Accreditation process by developing an internal workflow that optimized available tools and skillfully navigating the constraints inherent in our lean operational structure.
• I was one of the core team members who built the first Ad Tech team for a major media company. My contributions directly fueled the team’s rapid growth, evolving from a team of four to dozens of people within three years. This Ad Tech team ultimately became the central technical hub for all of that media company’s digital advertising strategy, highlighting my instrumental role in shaping the organization’s digital ad landscape.

Where are you located or where would you like to work?
• I am currently based in Los Angeles, CA, and I am actively seeking a role that offers an all-remote or remote/on-site hybrid arrangement. I am open to considering alternative schedules that may not strictly align with PST “working hours.” For instance, if the company is headquartered on the East Coast and requires adjustments to the start and end times of the workday, I am flexible and willing to accommodate such arrangements.

Anything else you’d like a potential employer to know?
• My professional journey has equipped me with a versatile skill set and extensive hands-on experience. Across various companies, I’ve held strategic roles, influencing team development and direction.
• My experience, coupled with a natural aptitude for building strong relationships, lends itself to uniting people across teams. Navigating roles without formal authority, I’ve honed the skill of fostering collaboration among diverse groups to work cohesively towards shared objectives.
• Organizational prowess and attention to detail are inherent aspects of my character. These traits manifest in my project management approach, ensuring efficiency and timeliness. Methodically processing projects and envisioning logical next steps underscore my commitment to maintaining order and focus.
• Embracing the wisdom that “the best chiefs of staff are a mile wide, an inch deep, and d*mn good at it,” my profound curiosity has facilitated seamless transitions between diverse industries, roles, and areas of expertise. My work experience and the skills I have cultivated over the years combined with my compassionate management style positions me as an excellent Chief of Staff, adaptable to any company and industry.

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