What are you looking for in a role headline?
• I’m looking for a (Senior Dir. or VP) Media Ops role with a publisher who wants to build a new or scale an existing revenue stream through digital advertising.

I’m most impactful when:
• An organization needs a Google Ad Manager expert.
• An organization needs an end-to-end ad tech subject matter expert.
• An organization needs a leader to implement process and workflow for an operations team.
• An organization needs to define and create display advertising products.

The kind of organization that would get the best from me is:
• An organization that weighs data-driven decision making as a priority.
• An organization that is transparent about their goals and welcomes everyone to find a path to that goal.
• An organization that is trustworthy and honest to their customers and employees.

What are some of your key accomplishments?
• Designed and implemented homegrown Order Management Solution resulting in a200% faster workflow.
• Developed and launched Audience Extension, Masthead display, and native display products with annual revenue of $5M+
• Designed & coordinated 8 simultaneous ad server migrations across 41 sites using 10 development teams located both domestically and internationally.

Where are you located or where would you like to work?
• Remote (Virginia)

Anything else you’d like a potential employer to know?
• I am able to be a single contributor or lead multiple teams.
• I am passionate about the ad tech industry.
• I find solutions to problems.
• I can explain complex topics easily to your sales teams.
• I can find new revenue for your business.

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