What are you looking for in a role headline?
• VP of Ad Operations

I’m most impactful when:
• My sweet spot is generating revenue for publishers, whether that is managing programmatic, the tech stack, business development or as a sales lead.

The kind of organization that would get the best from me is:
• I have my biggest impact as start ups/smaller companies where I have the autonomy to make decisions or present them rapidly to decision makers.

What are some of your key accomplishments?
• In my latest role, I single. handedly ran sales and ad operations for two years. The first two years I doubled our record revenue twice in a row. In addition to managing two adserver migrations and numerous tech implementations.

Where are you located or where would you like to work?
• I live in Tampa. Ideally it would be a remote working position, but I can work a hybrid role or if it is required.

Anything else you’d like a potential employer to know?
• I have over 25 years of experience in ad operations across publishers and ad tech companies, across a full range of company size. I have also managed teams as large as 20 people and been a “one man band”, as I am in my current role.

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