Welcome to the Beeler.Tech Mentorship Program

The purpose of mentoring is to grow by tapping into the knowledge and experience of someone further along the path than yourself. It’s a great way to accelerate your development.

As a participant in the Beeler.Tech Mentorship Program, you’ll have the opportunity to foster a mutually rewarding relationship with the person you are matched with. These connections allow you to work one-on-one gaining some real-life knowledge and a new perspective on the situations or challenges ahead of you. This is a two-way street – mentees can help mentors too.

We take a fluid approach that is run by mentee and mentor, you get to decide where and how often you meet, and even how long the mentorship lasts. Our big ask is that you take some time to fill out the application as thoughtfully as you can – we use your answers to match you with the right person. The more options, the better matches we can make.

We are accepting program applications now through the end of July, so if you or someone you know in the digital advertising space would like to be a mentor, a mentee, or both, please have them fill out the application.

August 2023

In August, we’ll start matching mentors and mentees, and then in September we’ll be back in touch with you to share who you were matched with.

September 2023

In early September, we will host a 2023 Cohort Mentorship Kick-off call where we’ll go over questions you might have.

After September

We’ll check in with you early on, then periodically, making sure you’ve connected, see how the match is going.

Have questions?

If you have any questions about the program, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help. If you find the match isn’t working, we may not be able to make another match until the next cohort, but let us know regardless. Let us see if there is a way we can help.