I am actively seeking an Audience & Marketplace Insights Manager role where I can contribute to revenue growth by leveraging audience insights effectively.

I’m most impactful when:
• My strengths lie in creating comprehensive wrap-up reports, tracking campaign progress, and utilizing targeted strategies to enhance engagement levels effectively.

The kind of organization that would get the best from me is:
• Organizations that prioritize data-driven decision-making, value thorough campaign analysis, and focus on improving engagement metrics would benefit most from my skills. This includes marketing agencies, media companies, e-commerce businesses, technology firms, and streaming platforms, among others.

What are some of your key accomplishments?
• I played a pivotal role in transitioning our office to Looker, which enabled me to become a Looker expert. I delved deeply into the data, extracting valuable insights. For instance, during a luxury campaign with initially lower viewability, I conducted an in-depth analysis. By leveraging insights from our recent luxury user survey, I identified optimizations applicable to the campaign. This initiative proved successful as it significantly increased viewability from 60% to 85%.

Where are you located or where would you like to work?
• New York, NY

Anything else you’d like a potential employer to know?
• Having served as a Campaign Manager for almost three years, I am a driven individual eager for career advancement. I aspire to transition from my current role into a position that focuses more on data analysis and audience insights.

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