We asked our community this question: “How much PTO does your company currently offer?” and with well over 150 responses, these are the results and some further thoughts from the survey respondents:

How much PTO does your company currently offer?

  • 45% Unlimited
  • 18% 3 Weeks
  • 11% 4 Weeks
  • 16% Other
  • 8% 2 Weeks or Less

Further thoughts:

<note these are from Slack conversations which tend not to adhere to standard grammatical conventions>

  • Before the trend of Unlimited, which is an HR cost savings when you don’t have to pay people for unused PTO as they leave the company, our traffickers tended to get 2 weeks, managers might get 3 weeks, and if you negotiated as a higher up than that, 4 weeks.
  • i worked at an unlimited place for 5 years, i never took more than 3 weeks during that time (and most people don’t, studies have shown that unlimited PTO means people take less than if they have defined days) i had 3 before, i think i have 3 now but i can’t remember if that is inclusive of the company being closed christmas to new year’s which is also a thing i have seen at more companies of late. so company closures would be a good thing to include – some companies give less PTO but close for a week in the summer, for example
  • In past jobs, it seems that 3 weeks is a general starting average, though my current company starts with 4 and goes up with years of tenure. But also good to factor in company holidays and things like the last week of December that many companies give off as mentioned above.
  • Unlimited with manager approval
  • We have a stepped system varying from 3-6 weeks based on number of years worked at the company. That’s just the PTO but we also have sick days, a volunteer day, most national holidays and a floating holiday day to use at our discretion. Rules can also vary by state so that would be a good consideration for the survey questions.
  • 4 weeks if tenure < 5 years else 5 weeks
  • 14-21 days in most cases I would imagine starting fresh at a company, on top of company holidays.
  • Now that I’m somewhere with Unlimited, I still track it. I also target 4 weeks, which is what I’ve always had, so that I make sure and schedule it.
    • Agreed, I think it’s so important to keep track and make sure you take enough time off
  • We don’t get any holidays off because we are so global, so I also have to “take those days” too, e.g., Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and the 4th of July. Inclusive of that kind of time off, I average around 35-40 days /year. I do not shy away from using and taking PTO.