I am looking for a position in revenue growth and strategy, commercial sales.

I’m most impactful when:
• I’m in an environment that wants to thrive and appreciates:
• the ability to achieve results by challenging the status quo
• creative ideas for solving problems and making decisions
• a results-driven culture where people are respected and appreciated
• the ability to utilize my own strengths to help others achieve results

The kind of organization that would get the best from me is:
• Focused on organic growth and wants to thrive (vs. just survive)

What are some of your key accomplishments?:
• I’ve helped launch GTM sales strategies with great success that have led to both revenue growth and growing the team (and setting them up for success with a true sales playbook based on data and the effort made prior to hiring).
• I’ve been first boots on the ground starting with $0 in revenue and getting to $16MM ARR in less than four years.
• I’ve helped coach senior sellers and brand new sellers understand the consultative, gap-filling sales approach across enterprise and SMB clients.

Where are you located or where would you like to work?
• Northeast but open to relocating if necessary.

Anything else you’d like a potential employer to know?
• I believe fully in positive urgency, leading by example, team success and having fun while doing the hard work.

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