I’m looking for a senior individual contributor or leadership role within a sales organization at a tech company looking to grow and scale its revenue, as well as innovate GTM strategies.

I’m most impactful when

· You need someone to dedicate their time to reaching growth targets by generating new business, either individually or by coaching a team

· You need someone with 12+ years of international industry experience, and consistently exceeds their sales quota

· You need someone who has experience with most sales tools and has experience with multiple high-performing sales frameworks

· You need someone who can leverage their existing industry network for generating new business and partnerships

The kind of organization that would get the best from me is:

· One that has a collaborative environment from top to bottom

· A team that has high expectations of its members with equally high revenue and client growth goals

· An organization that is open to iteration and experimentation of their sales practices, including new software tools.

Contact support@beeler.tech to connect with this job seeker.